Solutions for a Sustainable Future. Our vendors lab in Ontario Canada, creates sustainable environmentally friendly cleaning products for Industrial, Institutional and Commercial Industries using renewable, re-growable resources.

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Chlorine dioxide is a powerful biocide that can kill fungus, bacteria, and viruses at levels of 0.1 to 1 part per million in contact times of a few minutes.

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Selectrocide ClO2


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would one choose a Non-Alcohol hand Sanitizer as opposed to using an Alcohol-based hand Sanitizer?

There are many organizations, including Municipal (jails, institutions, etc.) and, Religious & Faith based Organizations that are not permitted to use alcohol based products. Therefore, our Non-Alcohol based Sanitizers now allows them to use a hand sanitizer which is no more toxic than the Alcohol versions.

What is NITMOI Labs experience in the “GREEN” space?

Bob Wagner (Founder and Chief Chemist of NITMOI) is a pioneer in the “GREEN” movement dating back to the early 1980’s. NITMOI’s lines of products have produced meaningful and impactful environmental change in industrial settings such as Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Automotive, Water Treatment and Agriculture. Additionally, NITMOI Labs has a FULL line of cleaning and disinfecting products for Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Pet and Consumer markets. These lines date back as early as 2008 when Bob created an exclusive line of Ecologo Certified products for Canada’s Shoppers Drug Mart.

What is MOST unique about NITMOI Labs as compared to other companies in the Cleaning and Disinfecting market?

NITMOI Labs is MOST recognized by our ability to create environmentally friendly products that are just as effective, and in most cases MORE effective, than standard NON-environmentally products that make up the large portion of the market. For us, product performance and the environment work hand in hand.