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One of the best and brightest teams in the Safety and PPE Global Supply Chain Arena

Steve Guagliano


Steve has been involved in the world of business for over 40 years. His extensive sales experience and corporate development has focused on business & sales development and relationship building throughout the Americas and International markets for decades. As GCG’s corporate CEO, Steve is well positioned to lead the GCG team and its business profile, incorporating the supply of Safety Products & Personal Protection Equipment to clients in all business segment. The combined strength, diversity, talents and conviction of all those within the GCG team is instrumental as one creative professional machine that drives GCG and its clientele forward efficiently and successfully.

Email: [email protected]

Neil Silvert

Partner, Canadian Sales Director 

Neil began his career in the early 1970s in the manufacturing and distribution of industrial and automotive fasteners, plus related products. He was involved in the manufacture of the very first Canada space arm. His vast experience in this area has positioned him well to understand the needs and requirements in the industrial, automotive and PPE /safety sectors. During the 1980s, Neil became an executive in the world of charitable fundraising and managing of social service agencies. This allowed him to travel to parts of the world assisting communities in their requirements to provide necessary health services, to create a better standard of life. Neil believes that the human mind cannot be defeated. So even in these challenging times, he and his partners are providing unique products to battle today’s health and safety demands.

Linda Silvert

Partner and Director of Internal Operations 

Linda‘s background has been in the Dental Health Profession for over 45 years. Linda is a graduate of U of T. Her passion and joy has been in serving her clients as a self-initiating periodontal practice Dental Hygienist, with a focus on the safety and well-being of Dental Health Providers and their patients. As such, it was an easy transition for Linda to the research side of the personal protection equipment (PPE) business. Linda has dedicated herself to investigating unique products, ensuring that they meet each countries’ standards and certifications. Linda is proud that our company‘s mission is: To try our best to offer products that provide safe, natural, and environmentally-friendly answers to meet our clients needs today and ALLways!


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