While Nitrile has led the market in popularity for many months, due to COVID, we are seeing an unfavorable trend of cost increases, too many intermediaries, difficult supply and in some instances untrustworthy supply data. However, for Medical Operating Room Grade Nitrile, GCG continues to work with a few strong trusted suppliers for MEDICAL GRADE/OPERATING ROOM Grade Nitrile gloves, as requested by the market. GCG is proud to offer a variety of gloves including an exciting substitute for Nitrile.


Our Nitrile exam gloves offer outstanding quality and reliability. They come in all sizes from XS-XL. They are made from a highly durable synthetic, and as such, Nitrile gloves eliminate the fear of latex allergies. GCG Nitrile gloves come in different thicknesses, and meet or exceed ASTM Standards for critical defects, tensile strength, and puncture resistance. Most importantly, we are proud that our gloves offer the barrier protection our clients need.

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HE TPE High Elasticity – Thermo Plastic Elastomer Glove:

After much research and procurement efforts by the GCG Supply Chain team, we are very pleased to provide our newest style of GLOVE offering, The HE TPE GLOVES. They are already receiving rave reviews from our satisfied buyers (High Elasticity - Thermo Plastic Elastomer Glove). This General Use Glove is ideal for all usage requirements in all market segments, including Medical Staff (other than surgery grade). Without doubt, it is the most versatile Glove style on the market today with outstanding favourable advantages including, more favourable costing, easier buying process and greater availability. GCG represents the Processor here in North America with direct commerce. They are flexible, comfortable and affordable so that all users obtain maximum efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is TPE?

ThermoPlastic Elastomer (TPE), sometimes referred to as thermoplastic rubber, are a mix of plastic polymer (i.e. polyethylene) and elastomeric materials (e.g. synthetic rubber). The combination of polymers can be extruded into a durable and flexible sheet with similar properties to a natural rubber product and used for making disposable gloves or a film barrier.

Can TPE gloves be used the same as nitrile, latex or PVC gloves?

Yes! That’s the short answer. The long answer is that TPE gloves will perform the same as their counterpart gloves in the same situation if they have the same standard performance rating. Our TPE gloves are compliant with the medical examination standard EN455, chemical resistance standard EN374, and the protective glove standard EN420. It is highly encouraged that you confirm the standard performance of any glove purchase prior to using them for whichever end use you intend.

What are the benefits of TPE?

TPE gloves are recyclable and more affordable to manufacture than nitrile or latex gloves. Unlike nitrile and latex, which are manufactured using a cumbersome “dipping” process, TPE gloves are stamped and “welded” around a mould and automatically sorted and packaged. TPE gloves are also recyclable as #1 PETE (refer to local recycling programs for acceptance as a recycled good).

Are the gloves BPA, powder and latex free?

Yes, our TPE gloves are free of bisphenol-A (BPA), and are both powder and latex free.


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