EMTERRA Sanitizer 

EMTERRA Sanitizer

To help combat the COVID-19 pandemic, Canadian Liquids Processors (CLP) started producing the Emterra Hand Sanitizer. The response has been overwhelmingly positive!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the product a liquid or a gel?

Our product is a liquid Hand Sanitizer formulated to the World Health Organization Specification, 80% Ethanol.

Does your product have an odour?

The Ethanol in our Product is odour neutral and does not have an odour like many of the Sanitizers currently on the market.

Does your Sanitizer leave a sticky residue?

Our product is made with high quality (food grade) Ethanol and only has 4 ingredients (WHO spec) therefore it dries quickly on the hands without leaving any sticky residue behind. It also has glycerin added so it doesn’t dry out your hands with continuous use.


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