Benefect products is nature's way of cleaning and killing germs with no compromise in strength and without endangering human health. Our botanical disinfectants and cleaners are used by Insurance Restoration Contractors to clean up water damage, fire damage, mould remediation and trauma scene clean up.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between cleaners and disinfectants?

Cleaners aren't registered with Health Canada and do not require registration to be sold into the marketplace. Cleaning products do not kill germs and cannot make any public health claims on their labels that they do kill germs. Watch out for "antimicrobial" cleaners or other marketing terms that allude to killing germs. A good rule of thumb to distinguish between cleaners and disinfectant is to make sure the product has a Health Canada DIN on the label. If there isn't a DIN on the label, be safe and just use the product to clean up dirt and other organic matter.

Can I clean and disinfect in one step?

Yes, as long as the surface to be disinfected is not excessively dirty. Our disinfectants are tested with a 5% organic load on the surface to simulate real life use, so they will be effective on a lightly soiled surface (and Decon 30 has been formulated to break down and penetrate through even more debris). If there is visible debris/dirt, it is necessary to “pre-clean” to remove this prior to application because debris can be a physical barrier preventing contact with the organisms and preventing the product from working.

Why are there no warning labels?

All of the ingredients that are in Benefect Disinfectants are either approved as Food Additives or on the Generally Recognized as Safe list. When Health Canada reviewed the health and safety profile they determined that these food grade ingredients posed no negative health effects and that the Benefect Disinfectants did not require any health warnings on the label. life on your products/when do they expire? They don’t! Our disinfectants have been tested up to 5-years after manufacturing date with no degradation in efficacy and our cleaners do not expire. Health Canada however, limits expiry dates on all DIN product labels to 2 years (this is a mandatory requirement for all Disinfectants in Canada).


Benefect Disinfectants are not required to be rinsed or wiped off, even on food contact surfaces. Traditionally, all disinfectants were required to be rinsed or wiped off a surface because of their synthetic and potentially hazardous ingredients. Benefect disinfectants are exempt by Health Canada from this standard requirement because of the health and safety profiles of the botanical ingredients we use. Always refer to the product label for information on specific applications.

What is the benefit of me using Benefect products over synthetic disinfectants?

The answer is pretty straightforward – Benefect disinfectant is the only authentically botanical disinfectant technology in the world & has the highest safety rating allowable by Health Canada, which means it poses no harm to the health of employees or customers or to the environment. All the benefit without the risk of traditional chemicals. TO PUT IT SIMPLY, BENEFECT IS A 'PLANT IMMUNE SYSTEM' IN A BOTTLE.


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