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GCG supply chain corporation, div of GCG www.grocercapital.com, is committed to our clients. Our aim is to create strategic alliances with our clients that enable GCG to provide significant value add programs, including; reduced vendor product costing due to GCG’s bulk sourcing clout.

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Why GCG Supply Chain Corporation?

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the safest, healthiest and most environmentally friendly products we can source. 

The unique vendor relationships with GCG allows our clients to develop commercial transactions directly between Vendor and you the client, with GCG facilitating the supply transaction on your behalf. With our enhanced operational efficiencies of platform product selections, product special price purchasing, transfer payment solutions, and more, our clients benefit.

Our Value Mission:

GCG’s involvement in the PPE supply segment dates back to November of 2019. Based on a report from the Chinese government, the first case in China can be tracked back to 17 November 2019 in Wuhan, in the Chinese Province of Hubei. As the China endemic grew throughout the country, GCG’s China clientele reached out to GCG in Canada for urgent supply assistance for Masks and Respirators, since China’s processors could not keep up with demand. As a result, GCG was able to procure and secure numerous Air Cargo shipments from Brazilian processors via the procurement skills of GCG’s team within its Brazil offices, securing sales to China.

As the endemic transformed into the pandemic the globe is now experiencing, GCG’s insight grew exponentially, securing skillset, sourcing and technical awareness and adherence to governance from Canadian and USA Health Authorities. GCG’s Supply program of Masks, Respirators, Gowns, Gloves and more … is unmatched in the industry. The GCG PPE program and products are at your service.


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